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Dealing with diets

It seems that in my family household someone was always on some kind of a diet, and my mom always did her best to cater to that person’s needs. (Along with the taste preferences of everybody else.) With four kids I’d say it wasn’t an easy task. But what I’m learning as I cook on a daily basis is that it’s really all about preparation. It’s healthy to eat a variety of food anyway. So as long as there’s a protein, carbohydrate and some veggies on the table, plus some cheese and fruit in the fridge, everyone is going to have a healthy meal. The latest study showed that any diet worked as long as you cut the calories and increased exercise. So whether it’s Atkin’s, low calorie or a low fat diet that the trend at the time, meals can be easily adapted if you have the right ingredients on hand.


  1. So the solution is to eat less and exercise more? Wow, who saw that coming?