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Is it hopeless?

As a food lover who also has to pay attention to my weight, a new study is awfully discouraging.

It says that older women must get at least an hour of moderate activity every day to maintain their weight.

I don’t think I’m quite in that age category yet, but since I already struggle with trying to eat healthy, and finding the time to exercise every day, I’m wondering if it’s time to just throw in the towel.

I won’t, I promise, but it is really making me re-evaluate that way I spend my time, and what and how much I eat.

I’m constantly looking for new and healthy recipes, but I also have a damning sweet tooth, or maybe I should say a chocolate tooth.

So what I’m wondering is, does anyone have a strategy to keep from overeating that has worked? Or ideas for recipe substitutions? I know about applesauce instead of butter, baking instead of frying, etc., but I bet there’s lots of other great ones out there, so let me know!


  1. An hour of moderate activity? I love physical activity as much as the next person, but an hour a day seems like a lot. I’m feeling the same way, like I need to pay closer attention to my eating habits (which is why I started a food journal) and my exercise – I know my metabolism is going to grind a halt one day very soon! Not that it’s ever been fast…stupid metabolism. That being said, keeping a food journal has helped me. It’s hard to stay on track – for example, the weekend when we moved I just gave up on it because we were constrantly grabbing food and just eating whatever we wanted. The food journal has really helped to hold myself accountable because it’s so easy to see what I don’t need (Hmmm, coffee and a muffin for breakfast, guess I shouldn’t have a coffee and a cookie for lunch) and what I do need (Only one glass of water today and no veggies yet?). It doesn’t always stop me from ordering fries, but it does help me put down that extra cookie every once in a while!

    • I totally agree with the food journal strategy. I’ve used sparkpeople.com, which is essentially an online food and exercise journal, when I was trying to drop a few pounds. I found it really helped, especially since it would tell me exactly how many calories were in that one little cookie!

  2. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TIME TO THROW IN THE TOWEL. An hour of moderate activity per day doesn’t necessarily mean an hour jog or run but actually just being up and active for that much time per day.

    It’s never time to throw in the towel, looking good and feeling good enhances your quality of life and leads to better health and happiness in the long run.

    I think it’s definitely something to fight for.


  3. I agree with Joanna and put the emphasis on moderate acitivity can be achieved absolutely every day with things like vacuuming and damp mopping the floor to taking out all the garbage in the house etcetera. We all need to keep on moving as much as possible and find the things that motivate us to do it as often as possible.

  4. Between a light workout and a 35-minute walk, I do an hour a day (I’m a guy though, not sure the one hour applies to guys). The key is to commit to doing it every day, rain or shine, and to find a way to keep from getting bored. Everyone needs a workout partner to keep their sense of humour!