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Vidalia Bakery's Bread Cluster

Vidalia Bakery's Bread Cluster

This weekend we visited the lovely Ontario town of St. Jacobs. We hit the local outlet mall before heading to the downtown strip. After a stroll along the main street, some window shopping and a rest on a bench in the sun, we headed into a little bakery (at least it looked little from the outside) for a coffee and snack. Vidalia Bakery is much bigger on the inside than it seems, with lots of fresh bread and sweets even late on a Sunday afternoon. We opted to sample a cream puff and a lemon meringue tart along with the coffee. Delicious, and the perfect size to satisfy a sweet craving without breaking the caloric bank. All it took was a little bit of time at a picnic table in the sunshine and I’m officially excited for the arrival of patio season! I think there really is something about a small town bakery. And the “Bread cluster” we brought home, a combination of whole wheat, rye and egg bread, is definitely proof of that. It’s a creative way to bake, and perfect for a family with lots of different tastes.

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